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December 30 2010

December 29 2010

Soup.io Nutzertreffen auf dem #27c3:
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the spontanous soup.io #27c3 meetup demands the following:
  • horizontal infinite scrolling
  • flag posts as unwanted autoplay (and punishment for the poster)
  • flag posts as oooooooooold
  • flag posts as polish (eg: filter by language)
  • an api
  • flattr integration
  • a konami code to jump to the next post
  • hide things that you already have seen
  • better commenting stuff
  • revelation who @hairinmy is so we all could hug hir
  • self-friendability to see own imported stuff in the friends view
  • cute baby pics of @c3o ;-)
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Morgen, Mittwoch, 29. Dezember. soup.io-treffen in der Congress-Lounge! 17 Uhr! Bitte reposten!
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December 27 2010

27C3 Rocket before TV tower
as seen from the BCC
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December 24 2010

Yes, there will be a Journey To The End Of The Year 2010!!
We're still looking for volunteers. Contact riot@c-base.org if you'd like to help us out :)

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December 16 2010

8136 aa09
The 27c3 presale tickets will be out and ready for you to print long before you actually leave for Berlin, there's no reason to freak out or get cranky.
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December 15 2010

Have you set up your peace mission yet?
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December 14 2010

Peace Mission in Dortmund by PING e.V. http://www.ping.de/27c3 source: http://poz.ping.de/?p=265
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27C3 app for iphone by Helge Staedtler
Tags: app iphone
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July 16 2010

1822 50e3
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July 15 2010

Censorship 2.0: China Blocks Search, Apps, Gmail, And More...

Web sites in China are required to employ people who monitor and delete objectionable content; tens of thousands of others are paid to "guide" bulletin board Web exchanges in the government's favor.

In June 2010, ending months of tension, Google announced that the Beijing government had renewed its license to operate a Web site in mainland China.   

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